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Rebel Nation Magazine™ is the #1 source for news and features on the University of Mississippi! Rebel Nation Magazine™ is the ONLY Ole Miss magazine available in over 350 locations across MS, TN, LA, AR and AL (Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Winn-Dixie and more).

Rebel Nation Magazine™ is a great way to reach fans BEFORE they get to Oxford while they are planning their trip so you don’t miss their visit. We can help get your good and services in front of over 30,000 readers every other month in a publication that is kept, shared and read over and over with each release.

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WHY ADVERTISE IN Rebel Nation Magazine™

  • The ONLY publication of its kind in Mississippi.
  • Rebel Nation Magazine™ is locally owned and locally-producedyour money stays in the community.
  • Rebel Nation Magazine™ distributes copies in over 350 grocery, retail and bookstore outlets across MS, LA, TN, AL and AR.
  • Rebel Nation Magazine™ is available to thousands of Ole Miss fans every two months through subscriptions, retail outlets and the complimentary copies delivered to businesses and on campus.
  • Rebel Nation Magazine™ readers and subscribers are the perfect target market for your products and/or services. Our market is by far larger than any other Mississippi publication.
  • Rebel Nation Magazine™ will be read by people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Rebel Nation Magazine™ advertising rates are affordable. Plus, we’ll be happy to help you design an ad and say what you really want to get across to the readers.
  • Each issue of Rebel Nation Magazine™ will have a two-month shelf-life by giving the reader information such as schedules, statistics, places to stay, eat & drink while on the road-game trip, and much more, your message WILL be seen.
  • Longer shelf life: Your ad stays out in the public eye for at least 60 days, usually much more, as Rebel Nation Magazine™ issues are regarded as “keepsakes”.

So, whether your business is real estate, retail, healthcare, hospitality, dining, apparel, finance, travelANY business can benefit from advertising in Rebel Nation Magazine™ .

* SOURCE: The Association of Magazine Media,

•     Magazine ads rank #1 of all media in driving purchases.

•     People love magazines. They’re personal, visually appealing, offer a unique voice and address subjects of individual interest.

•     Consumers trust and believe magazines — and embrace advertising as a part of the brand experience. In fact, studies show that ads in magazines rank higher in trust than ads on TV, radio or online.

•     92% of U.S. adults read magazines.

•     72% of teens read magazines

•     61% of readers took action as a result of a magazine ad.

•     Studies show that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI across multiple product categories.

•     Readers spend an impressive 41 minutes with each issue.

•     Magazine readership remains steady despite the biggest economic downturn in 80 years.

•     Readers enjoy reading magazine ads. They don’t pay to avoid them as they do with other media.

•     Consumers spend more than $300 million each month buying magazines at newsstands.

•     Magazines build buzz. They excel in reaching people who shape attitudes and behavior.

•     The top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime-time TV programs.

•     Magazines drive web search more than any other medium. More than internet advertising and twice that of social media.

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